I’m an independent Agile Delivery coach, currently working at the UK Home Office. I am also the creator of Vote for Policies – an independent volunteer-run service that increases voter turn-out and helps people make an informed choice.

I have been working in digital media since the late ’90s. My interest in the web crossed over to social change projects, starting with Vote for Policies for the UK general elections in 2010 and 2015.

I am also starting to apply Agile principles in a social change context. This website is where I learn and share ideas (this post offers an alternative explanation).

I graduated from Plymouth Business School and gained a Master’s degree in Web Publishing from City University, London.

Beyond my digital and sociological interests I’m also a big fan of boxing, music and comedy.

As well as adding your comments to the blog, you can get in touch via email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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