Four ways to scale your social enterprise

Something for all my social entrepreneurial friends out there. It’s Bill Shore of Share Our Strength, giving his ideas for how to scale up your organisation (or just keep going) and break out of reliance on the usual funding model. The talk was at TEDxMidAtlantic Be Fearless.

There are some brilliant ideas here – may not resonate instantly for everyone’s business – but for me this kind of thinking is essential if we’re to find the level of scalability that the social sector so desperately needs. I have summarised Bill’s points below – mainly for my own purpose of recollection, but also as a starter for a longer post containing more business model ideas – but watch first and see for yourself…

So, as a summary:

  1. Earn your money, look for Partnerships – marketing contracts, cause related marketing, corporate partnerships.
  2. Measure by impact (not admin overheads) – be accountable to specific objectives. Corporates may be more receptive than funders to a bigger vision and a plan to achieve it.
  3. Social entrepreneurship needs a public policy component – it gives you voice with which to scale your work.
  4. Collaborate, but compete too. Compete to be the best provider, to use the best resources, to be the best version of ourselves.

Finally, I also recommend the Case Foundation’s Be Fearless website – it has a really great message for social entrepreneurs (as well as offering a master class in UX!).

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan

Digital producer, agile practitioner, scrum master. Pursuing sustainable democracy and social change.

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