What’s the question?

The problems that matter most to me are societal – based on basic social / human needs. It seems indisputable to me that these types of problems are;

  1. problems that impact us all
  2. not necessarily problems in every society
  3. problems because our society doesn’t have a system in place to address them properly

Those, surely, are facts. Nothing controversial.  I would also add that these problems are;

  • not being addressed in a coordinated, non-emotional, non-political way
  • problems because the greatest problem solvers are not being attracted to the greatest problems

I invite you to comment on whether you agree with those last two points, but whether you do or not – what are the solutions? What is the actual problem and how will we know when it’s solved? How can we attract the best minds to work on this, and what would need to happen?

Before we can answer any of those questions we need to be sure we really understand the problem – the real problem – the root if there is one. And we can only be sure we understand the problem if we ask the right question.

So what is The Question?

This, simply, is the reason I have started this blog: to start asking questions – better questions – about theories for solving social problems.

Can you help? If you have suggestions for leading theories or discussions please add your comments.

Greetings readers!

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Hello cyberspace chums. I’m thoroughly delighted to declare this blog well and truly launched! Gawd bless her, and all who read her. I’m using this space to learn and share knowledge about societal issues, in the hope that we can improve The Way We Live by pooling our collective knowledge and experience. Most importantly I’m hoping to share ideas much better than my own, so may I make an early plea for your opinion, thoughts, experience, ideas, and/or anything else you have in your treasure trove of inner wisdom. I hope to provide a suitably tasteful background for whatever it is you can contribute, but I’ll let you be the judge of that…

You can find out even more about this blog, but otherwise we can just crack on