Patchwork – technology working for change

Every now and then you see something so inspiring that you just need to share it. Patchwork is one of those things.  Designed by the team at Futuregov, it helps practitioners across multiple agencies access the contact details of other front line staff working with the same clients – improving communication and strengthening collaboration.

The idea started developing after the Baby P case, and was designed in close collaboration with the practitioners it aims to help. It’s a brilliant example of how useful technology can be – helping practitioners do what they’re best at by giving them access to better information – not by replacing human connections, but by supporting them.

And it’s a great example of how you need to get under the skin of a problem to really understand it, learning from those who experience the problems every day. This is something Futuregov seem to have done brilliantly, and I hope the results will come in the widespread adoption of Patchwork across may other local authorities.

Watch the video below or have a look at the Patchwork website. Inspiring stuff, so do spread the word.

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan

Digital producer, agile practitioner, scrum master. Pursuing sustainable democracy and social change.

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