I run two voluntary projects both related to social change through learning and engagement. They are projects I’m keen to share and collaborate on, so if you’d like to help I’d be happy to hear from you.

Vote for PoliciesVote for Policies
In 2010, I realised I had no idea about what each party really stood for or what they were pledging to do if they won the election. So I spent a very boring day reading through the dull and clunky manifestos, buried deep in the websites of the parties. I felt much clearer at the end of it but I ended up with a strong urge to make it easier for other voters to feel more knowledgeable about policies without having to dredge through the manifestos. So  Vote for Policies was born. In 2010 it helped over 280,000 voters make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for in the run-up to the general election. The idea proved very popular (and the results were surprising too!). We successfully crowd funded to bring it back for 2015 and the new service is up and running.
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What One ChangeWhat One Change
An educational project encouraging learning by sharing video responses to the question “What ONE change would have the biggest positive impact on society?”. The question is designed to focus on root causes of change, give a platform to the people whose ideas we can learn from, and engage a broader cross section of the public in big ideas about how society works.
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