Vote for Policies


**The 2015 site is now live at after a successful crowdfunding campaign**

Vote for Policies

In March 2010 I launched Vote for Policies – a free website to help more UK voters – especially young people and first-time voters – engage with politics, and make an informed choice on who to vote for.

The website enables voters to compare policies on a range of key issues, but without showing which party the policies belong to.

The site became popular very quickly. During its six week life prior to the UK general election the site received 700,000 visitors and over 2.25 million page views from people in 185 countries around the world.

The results were surprising too, with policy popularity ranking the main parties very differently to the current balance of power.

Over 280,000 surveys were completed and feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the value in helping voters decide who to vote for, and giving many the confidence to vote for the first time.

The 2010 site is now archived, with over 580,000 submissions.

Visit the 2015 site at

Vote for Policies is run by volunteers. If you’d like to help us with your time please contact me or make a donation.