What One Change

What One ChangeThe What One Change is an educational project that examines root causes of social change and promotes greater distribution of our knowledge. Contributors upload their video responses to one simple question:

What one change would have the biggest positive impact on society?

It’s a big question, and it’s a big subject – one that ultimately everyone can contribute to and benefit from. By asking the question we start listening to more of the people whose valuable work and insight we can all benefit from. By focusing on root causes, we can help discover positive social change that is lasting and effective.

Development for the site is planned around increasing participation, and better organising and sharing of the ideas submitted. There has been much interest from youth groups and students, and the site provides a useful source of future projects based on the ideas and theories put forward.

Visit the site at http://www.whatonechange.co.uk

If you are interested in collaborating on the What One Change project please contact me.